Haitch has played and recorded with many artists over the years covering a diverse range of genres  including;

  • Pops Yoga, Devotional Kirtan,World Fusion
  • Latin, Jazz, Roots & Reggae
  • Electronic Dance, Hip Hop and more.

As a fellow musician, having Haitch in your studio brings a multitude of live instruments and a wealth of experience to your production.

Featuring :

  • Native American single and drone Flutes, Didgeridoo, Trumpet, Mellophone
  • Taishogoto, Baja, Shruti Box, Tibetan Bowls,  Keyboard, Resonant Vocals
  • Boss Looping, TC Helicon & Universal Audio FX + Ableton Live

Currently taking on 4 projects per year. Booked out 2016. Contact now to secure your event!

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