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Didgeridoo, Indian zither, flutes, trumpet & more

‘Ethereal’ is a reflection of how I see devotion and its relationship with the cultures and societies of our planet and our music. I invite you to come with me and explore the interconnectedness of the beautiful instruments and sounds from both current and ancient cultures from around the world.
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Mixed by H & Andy D. Mastered by Andy D at A.D.STUDIO


‘With You’ is an hour long journey. 40 min of world music and 20 min of meditative music.

Entrancing and moving world music performed by H~
on Yidaki, Slide Didge, Native American & Balinese Flutes,
Trumpet, Mellophone, Taishogoto, Synthesizers & Vocals

Featuring guest artists on Violin, Hang Drum, Percussion and Vocals.

Mixed by H & Andy D. Mastered by Andy D at A.D.STUDIO

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Download a Live album from 2012 :

Live looping with didge, flute, trumpet and horn

Traditional single chamber Native American flute with synthesizer

An interpretation of the popular guitar classic, Conciert de Aranjuez for drone flute and piano

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