Healing and Sound

“In a consulting suite in New York City, a cancer patient gets her chemotherapy and a quartz crystal singing bowl “treatment” at the same time. At kindergarten, a child with autism is taught new words by hearing them sung. At a care home for the elderly, people with dementia are played old-time tunes to help them recover lost memories.”


Music to Yoga  “…this form has its roots in Naad Yoga, a traditional form that is based on the concept that the entire cosmos, including human beings, is made up of sound vibrations.”


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On sound healing…

There is no magic.

No slight of hand or tricks.

What you see and hear takes dedication and practice.

However, seeing how much these experiences mean to

people all over the world…

What you can feel…

Maybe magic is not such a bad word for it.

“Why music therapy is making a comeback.
We evolved as music lovers. Now there’s evidence that it can lower blood pressure and lighten anxiety – and it reaches part of the brain other treatments don’t.”


“Initially, focus on the external sounds. During this phase, you can choose to play pre-recorded natural sounds, such as the pitter-patter of the raindrops, the sound of the leaves moving with the wind, or that of the sea. Experts suggest opting for gentle instrumental music and avoiding lyrics, as words tend to distract the mind. The prime focus should be on the sound.”


On Cymatics, “He* was particularly impressed by an observation that imposing a vocalization in ancient Sanskrit of Om (regarded by Hindus and Buddhists as the sound of creation) the lycopodium powder formed a circle with a centre point, one of the ways in which Om had been represented. In fact, for a plate of circular shape, resting in the centre (or the border, or at least in a set of points with central symmetry), the nodal vibration modes all have central symmetry, so the observation of Jenny* is entirely consistent with well-known mathematical properties.” (Hans Jenny, follower of Rudolf Steiner, 1967)


“Didgeridoo is probably the world’s oldest musical instrument, originating among the aboriginal people of Australia.  An archaeological study of rock art in Northern Australia suggests that the Aboriginal people of the Kakadu region of the Northern Territory have been using the Didgeridoo for at least 1,500 years.”


“According to a myth prevalent among the aboriginal people of Kakadu the first Didgeridoo was made from a eucalyptus tree. They came across a branch that had fallen into a bonfire.

One of them noticed that the branch was hollowed out and saw many insects running out of the log narrowly escaping the flames. The Aborigine picked up the log and pointed it to the sky. By the light of the Moon, he saw all the insects frantically running about and he blew them all out with one huge breath.  At that point the hollow eucalyptus branch resonated with the signature low drone.

The Aborigine realized that it is a gift from the gods and he kept the gift and shared it with the generations to come.”

Dr Surya Kumar Pandey

Remember to really make your experiences your own by letting go of expectation.

Just be! Exist, observe your consciousness, experience bliss!

During a sound immersion / sound healing / sound vibration experience / total tonal cleanse / awesome aural alignment… or whatever it ends up being called! The very least you will get is a live experiential music performance.

How cool is that?!