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The BSP (Breath Strengthening Pipe) – a simple telescopic style didgeridoo.

You will be blown away with this awesome functional product. The BSP is simply a telescopic pipe providing you with an instrument to practice circular breathing. You can change the amount of breath needed by extending the pipe to change the back pressure. This allows you to produce a range of musical tones to make playing fun and easy. You can join in with other instruments, or simply enjoy the best sounding tones you can make!

The BSP has bold nature inspired motifs or blank DIY options for you to self decorate. Wax mouthpieces, seals and o-rings can all be replaced making the BSP’s life a long one.

Available in:


  • short ‘Bee’
  • long ‘Goanna’
  • blank for DIY design

The perfect tool to start you down the circular breath road and a diverse instrument that can tune to many keys which makes playing music with others fun and easy!

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Short Models and Pricing

Striking designs and robust modular construction. The ‘Bee’ will have you buzzing in no time!

$149 – ‘Bee’ BSP

+Striking Design

+G-D tone range

+Replaceable parts

+$60 postage Australia wide

+Optional wax mouthpiece

Long Models and Pricing

Striking designs and robust modular construction. The long BSP will take your breath away!

$219 ‘Goanna’ model

+Intermediate model

+Over 2m fully extended

+Lower tones – D to G

+ $66 postage Australia wide

For demonstration videos, blank BSP models, wax mouthpieces and more please visit

Some interesting numbers about Rainforests from our friends at


Less than this now covering the Earth


Of Earths animals and insects live there

# of species of tree in a 10 km area


Of rainforest plants have been identified by scientists and the National Cancer Institute as having anti-cancer properties

Did you know that logging and deforestation is still occurring?


Spirit of Down Under flutes available in a variety of sizes, styles and keys.

Skillfully hand crafted amid the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland, Australia.

The small D flute in the above video is 440hz tuned, six holes, silky oak & cedar. $130 AUD

Drone flutes and Melody flutes also available.

You could be playing in no time!

Contact Haitch Music for flutes information & lessons.

Single chambered and drone flutes have been around for centuries. Dating back to the clay sculpted Mayan temple flutes, now recreated in the Native American and Peruvian wooden style. Drone flutes allow players to harmonize, offering 2 chambers, a melody and the drone.