Multi Instrumental Concerts

Sound Immersions & Group Meditation

Educational Circular Breath Workshops

Live Music To Yoga Classes

With many strings to the bow, you will find that Haitch delivers diversity and quality to your event.

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Yoga Teachers +

Collaborate with Live Music to Your Classes

Custom Recorded Guided Meditations & Sound Healing

Unique Yoga Nidras Created with Your Voice

Arrange and Compose around Your Flow

Don’t just teach a class, create a masterpiece!

Make something memorable for you & your students.


Schools & Communities

Educational Concerts


Private Tuition

Artist in Residence

Guest artist at Music Camp

Engaging in a dynamic way, sharing a passion for world instruments and music with youth,

communities and clubs of all types.

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Looking for something extra?

Haitch also offers ;

Time lapse photography

PA hire

MC / Announcer

Discount bundles

…and more!

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Private tuition from $60

Concerts from $250

Workshops from $150

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